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Qigong: An ancient Chinese system of cultivating vital life force energy (Qi) to bring body, mind, & spirit into health, harmony, and balance.

Qigong, along with acupuncture, herbs, massage, etc., is one of the primary branches of
Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been practiced in China for over 5,000 years for
healing, revitalizing, and prolonging life . It is still practiced today and is growing in
popularity simply because it works.   

Qigong combines mindful, gentle, physical postures and movements with meditation,
breath-work, sounds (mantra) and self-massage techniques to revitalize your vital life
force energies and to enhance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Qigong techniques help to dissolve accumulated stress and fatigue, increase energy, and
strengthen the immune system.

Zhineng Qigong is taught and practiced  “Heart to Heart and Mind to Mind”.

Accumulated daily practice of Qigong movements and medititation build up a storehouse of Qi energy and also lead to enhanced concentration, improved mental focus, and greater intuitive functioning.

Dr. Pang He Ming, MD is a qigong Grand Master, a Western-style medical doctor, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.  He synthesized medical knowledge, scientific research, and a profound study of several styles of Qigong to develop the Zhineng Qigong system of training, healing and Qi cultivation.

Grand Master Pang He Ming, founder of Zhineng Qigong

In 1997 the Republic of China financed a scientific study to rate the effectiveness of the various Qigong systems of
healing and health improvement practiced in the country:
Zhineng Qigong was rated the number one such Qigong in China —– reporting an over 90% improvement rate in
the treatment of over 180 diseases, all without medicines or special diets, just plenty of Qigong exercise, meditation,
and Qi energy. Zhineng Qigong is the most widely practiced healing Qigong in China today.

There are thousands of styles of Qigong practice. We practice a healing and health
revitalizing style called Zhineng Qigong. (pronounced: Jir-Nung Chee-Goong)

Dr Pang tested Zhineng Qigong at the worlds largest medicine-less hospital, the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center in China. Over 300,000 critical and chronic patients (over 180 different diseases) were treated in the center. Patients experienced overall health and function improvement in over 90% of the cases.  Western-style doctors and medical equipment were used at the facility to diagnose disease and to monitor health improvement and progress. But, the only therapy used to treat the patients (or “students”, as they were called at the center) was their daily Zhineng
Qigong practice.

Zhineng Qigong is a natural healing method, based upon the universal laws of nature.  The practice is easy to learn and practice. Even when done imperfectly and by people who are sick and have limited energy and range of motion, these gentle meditational movements are immensely beneficial. The movements are gentle and while usually done standing, can also be done either sitting or lying down. This healing Qigong affects the body in a manner similar to and according to the same principles as acupuncture treatments. Daily practice of the Qigong routines have proven highly effective for over 10 million practitioners all over the world.


  • Enhances general health and energy.
  • Improves immune function.
  • Activates natural healing capabilities.
  • Relieves sickness and injuries.
  • Contributes to longevity.
  • Enhances quality of life.
  • Improves brain functioning and mental clarity.
  • Enhances intuitive functioning.
  • Slow deliberate movements stretch and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Improves strength, flexibility, balance, and posture.
  • Provides benefits to joints.
  • Increases range of movement.
  • Decreases pain.
  • Enhances flow of blood, lymph, and bodily fluids.
  • Provides mental and physical relaxation and reduces stress.

Our Master Teacher: Master Liu Yuan Tong

In his youth, Master Liu was considered a Qigong prodigy. Master Liu was a senior instructor at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center, a hospital in China that only utilized Qigong (no medicine). He has taught in several countries including China, Tibet, Malaysia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States. Master Liu regularly conducts Certified Teacher training and healing retreats in his home city of Meishan in the Sichuan Province, China.

Local Qigong teachers with Master Liu.  From left to right:  Eric Heng, Dr. Ron Rain, Sue Ashwell, Master Liu Yuan Tong, Harrison Beard, and Teresa Logsdon.  Ron, Sue, and Harrison have been qigong students and teachers for several years.  They studied in China with Master Liu and other master teachers.  They are certified to teach the first and second level theories and practices of Zhineng Qigong.  Teresa and Eric studied with Dr. Ron Rain in the U.S. and are certified to teach first level Zhineng Qigong.

Teachers Certified in Fall 2011. Bottom Row: Harvey Ferdman, Stephanie Carson.  Harvey and Stephanie studied with Sue Ashwell and Harrison Beard in the U.S. and are certified to teach first level Zhineng Qigong.  Sue and Harrison are pictured in the top row.  Curriculum for the year long teacher training program in the United States was developed in collaboration with Master Liu.  The same training was offered simultaneously in Columbus, Ohio 2011 by Debra Weisenburger Lipetz. 

Teachers Certified in Fall 2013   Jane McClocklin and Riki Howard (shown in the middle) completed the intensive year long Teacher Training course in November 2013. Their instructors, Harrison Beard and Sue Ashwell, celebrate with Jane and Riki following the certification ceremony. Jane and Riki teach Level 1 of Zhineng Qigong.

Teachers newly certified in 2015  Joan Meier and Tina Mathes flank their instructors, Harrison Beard and Sue Ashwell. Joan and Tina completed their Zhineng Qigong Teacher Training in November 2015 and are certified to teach Level 1 Zhineng Qigong. Congratulations to the St. Louis area's two newest Zhineng Qigong Teachers!

What's the catch?????  Of course, there is one.....

Regular (daily) practice is necessary to reap the maximum benefits.  However, the benefits can be enormous.  Daily Qigong practice (20 - 60+ minutes) is a time tested way of improving and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  It is a complementary practice that works well with all forms of therapy applied by health professionals.

Importance of Group Energy and the Healing Qi Field

Every group Zhineng Qigong practice begins with the creation of a healing “Qi Field.”
This is accomplished by deeply relaxing the body and synchronizing individual minds
with a series of pleasant, healing thoughts and visualizations. The leader connects the
group energy with a Universal Qi field that provides more energy for healing.

Song of the Eight Verses of Zhineng Qigong by Grandmaster Pang Ming, M.D.

These words and visualizations are used to organize the Qi Field at each practice:

The head touches the sky, the feet stand on Earth. 

The body relaxes and mind expands. 

Be respectful and quiet. 

The mind is clear and appearance is humble. 

No distracting thoughts. 

The mind expands to infinite space. 

Feel the mind shining deeply into the body. 

The entire body is harmonized with Qi.

Entering into the Qigong State

With physical and mental relaxation, relaxed breathing, internal focus, and clear intent,
one enters into a Qigong State where the body is in its optimum state for healing and
repair. Once Qi circulation is activated and balanced in the body’s energy channels, the
underlying conditions of disease – stagnation or obstruction of Qi – is corrected and lets
the body heal itself and improve organ function.

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