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             WORKSHOP with MASTER YUANTONG LIU in ST. LOUIS JUNE 9-11, 2017
               Opening the power of the mind for health, healing, wisdom and balance

 It is a rare, exciting opportunity to have Master Liu from China available to teach in St. Louis! Master Liu teaches Zhineng Qigong practice as “gently opening the heart and mind” to a better understanding of Self, which naturally induces healing and nurtures good health. The weekend Zhineng Qigong workshop is open to all, regardless of experience. Master Liu is adept at integrating all levels of experience helping each individual to grow to the greatest capacity that he or she is open to receive.  

 Liu Laoshi (“Teacher Liu) has practiced Zhineng Qigong for the last 30 years, and was a teacher and healer at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center in China for ten years.  He has also taught in Tibet, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, The Netherlands, and Bali. .

Zhineng Qigong WEEKEND WORKSHOP at Glendale Presbyterian Church 500 N. Sappington Rd., Glendale, MO 63122

FRIDAY evening, JUNE 9, 6:30-9:00 PM (doors open at 6:00 PM)
SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 9:30 AM-5:30 PM (doors open at 9:00 AM)There will be a one-hour lunch break. Please bring your own lunch and snacks.Coffee, tea, and water will be available.
SUNDAY afternoon, JUNE 11, 1:30 PM-5:30 PM (doors open at 1:00 PM)

 Investment:  ONLY $175 if pre-register by May 15; $200 later if space permits (books, cds and dvds available for purchase by check or cash)

Weekend Workshop Registration: Send your name, email address, phone number, and complete address with check or money order (payable to Sue Ashwell, one of Master Liu’s Certified Zhineng Qigong Teachers) to:
                Sue Ashwell,  8 Deer Creek Woods   St. Louis, MO 63124

 Workshop Registration deadline is June 4th. All requested confirmations will be forwarded by email only, the 6th and 7th of June.

  For questions, please contact local Zhineng Qigong Teachers   Sue Ashwell 314-432-1360
sashwell@charter.net   or Ron Rain 636-294-4434.   PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE… DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!  

Comprehensive classes covering the theory, the science, the movements, the mind intent,
and the benefits of the various techniques and practices of Zhineng Qigong are scheduled
regularly as needed.

Examples are:
Level 1 Practices: “Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down” form and supplemental
Level 2 Practices: “Body Mind Method” form and supplemental practices

Otherwise, if you would be interested in a specific workshop or would like any additional information, contact Ron Rain at (636) 249-4434 by phone.